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What some of our readers say.....

November, 2012

"Your publications have inspired me and changed my life for the better. I cherish each and every issue and read them continuosly as one would read a reference book.
Vibrance is the first digital subscription that I have ever purchased. The information is priceless and can't be found anywhere else."

Richard Fine,

October, 2012

Hello Dave:

"Thanks a lot for the latest Vibrance no. 8. It is all colourful and vibrating! Good luck to you – serving as an example to all of us."

Best regards,

Igor Zuzek, Ljubljana, Slovenia

October, 2012

"I enjoyed reading Vibrance no. 8 very much. You consistently raise the bar, and it's a privilege to have found your magazine."
-Brian Rossiter, Pennsylvania

October, 2011

Whenever I feel cut off from Source, contaminated by the drunken night life, pollution and Matrix illusions, lost from my real self, feeling guilty, desperate or abandoned, by simply opening one of the Vibrance magazines I am guaranteed to be reminded of all the natural harmonious loving flow that beams through every squeezable corner. Thank you for your flow and loving warmth of Oneness that is shared in this moment. And may it be returned to you a hundredfold and with every other Soul you think of, meet, or otherwise commune with...forever.

-Namaste x
Kay C., England

February, 2010

“I am reading all the Living Nutrition issues you sent me. Every magazine is like a classic piece of art!! I sent a few to my mom and now she's buying a juicer!!!”

-Sonia Veronica
Los Angeles, California

February, 2010

Vibrance is the single greatest magazine available today about healing ourselves and our planet. Imagine if Obama's health care plan included a lifetime subscription for every American! Imagine the possibilities!! Dave would be the new William Randolph Hearst!”

-Jeff Ferguson, Mississauga, Canada

February, 2010

“Sending February raw Love to Vibrance Magazine, just 'cause this magazine rawks! Love! Love! Love!”

-Gina Silvestri, Ontario, Canada

July, 2009

Hi there! I just wanted to give you praise for Vibrance magazine. I can't wait until the next issue comes out! You are doing a great job on it and I love it! Looking forward to seeing the new edition!

Wendy Larson, Minnesota

July, 2009

"This is the only magazine I would read or sell!"
-Arnold Kauffman, Arnold’s Way, Lansdale, PA

May, 2009

“Reading Vibrance is a direct line to vibrant living. Its information is clear, useful, and not designed to sell you anything but the truth.”
-Victoria Moran, author of The Love-Powered Diet and Living a Charmed Life

May, 2009

"Vibrance is the leading magazine of the Hygienic movement in natural Health, healing and nutrition."
-Dr. Paul Fanny, President, University of Natural Health

May, 2009

Vibrance is the kind of magazine that inspires you to read every word! It’s intelligent and relevant, containing original information that you can find nowhere else. A great magazine in every sense of the word. It’s beautifully done!”
-Marilyn Gordon, Center for Hypnotherapy, Oakland, California

April, 2009

Vibrance contains the best nutrition and health information content of any magazine in the world.”
-Dr. Douglas Graham, author of The 80/10/10 Diet

March, 2009

“We loved the eZine. It is beautifully laid out with very varied, engaging and informative format. Charly's favorite article was the one about the Olympic athlete. Kudos – it’s excellent!”
- Charly and Robert F. Lally Jr., MD, Friday Harbor, Washington

March, 2009

“Wow, what a supremely beautiful way to present everything. It's an astounding technological improvement over the old paper magazine. And you've chosen a wonderful viewing engine, makes reading it lots of fun and easy. And I love the e-mail feature which can send just a page or two or the entire issue. You should be super-proud of yourself for the work you have done, and are doing. What a fantastic new beginning. Wow! and wow! again!”
- Reuven BenYuhmin, English professor, Taiwan

March, 2009

“There is only one magazine where you can be assured of finding real and accurate health and nutritional information in today’s market, and it is Vibrance. It surpasses all the rest.”
-Dr. Timothy Trader, N.D., Ph.D., D.D.

February, 2009

"Vibrance is the only magazine I trust to give the full picture on nutrition. I save every issue as a reference guide."
-Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor

January, 2009

Vibrance is the authentic source of Natural Hygiene information on the Internet, offering inspired articles by raw food health experts who have a balanced view of the benefits of this lifestyle. Their writings are truly inspired, insightful and chockfull of real raw food wisdom that's hard to be found elsewhere. All this is contained in the most creative and exciting e-zine engine that you have ever used — it zooms in, turns pages, and best of all, instantly connects you to links on the Internet.”
-Reuven BenYuhmin, English professor, Taiwan

November, 2006

I just finished reading Living Nutrition volume 16. By the time I was up to page seven, I thought to myself, "This magazine is PRICELESS!" With “Thoughts From the Orchard” by Dave Klein, Letters, and “Be The Change You Wish To See in the World” by Veronica Munoz, I was awed by the depth of the thoughts and feelings expressed. What a treasure-house of health, life, love! This publication is imbued with such positive vibrations, and the photos of contributors say it all; bright, intelligent, loving GLOWING-WITH-HEALTH—an outstanding confirmation that this path works!
A heartfelt well done and thank you to all involved and to Dave Klein's Vision and Passion.
-Gary S.

February, 2006

Hi Dave,

You may know I started self healing program two and half month ago while I was on school holiday. I am very glad to tell you that it is works. Although I still have some symptoms (bowel growling, soft stools) but other symptoms such as blood in stool and diarrhea have disappeared for four weeks now. For the last four weeks I have only one bowel motion per day instead of four diarrhea before. Thank you for teaching me how to heal. I am on the way to recovery my health and I understand it will takes a while. I know I can do it and must do it. I am telling the good news to many colleagues who are studying Chinese Medicine in the same college. Thank you very much.
-Patrick L.
Auckland, New Zealand

January, 2006

Hi Dave,

I would like to give you an update on the Colitis. It stopped!!!! Normal stool, just a little bit of blood now and again, not much. Thank you very much for writing the book!! I am so happy that it stopped!!  I went to my doctor and told him what I have done and he was very surprised but not against it. He said that he couldn't support it because of his profession. He must support the medicine.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
-Mylene K.
The Netherlands

January, 2006

Dave, thank you!!

In Germany its 1 hour past midnight, and I must say!! I am an technical thinking human, a dipl. engineer, and i must say i love your book!! I read only a few sites, but it has unbeatable news for my "engineering brain" its really great!! I hope i can read AND find an practicable way to implement the wisdom and make a step by step - to do - plan .......... FOR HERE and know i know, for me too! I thank you now and you did a great, great job with your book. Just wow. I’ll study and mail you if i need help. Thanx.
Best greetings,
-Michael S.

January, 2006

Dear David,
It has been two weeks since our phone consultation. many thanks once again for your advice. All bleeding has stopped and stools are firm with no
visible presence of blood, this being so for the last four days. There are no stomach pains or wind. Thank you for your support and advice
Kind regards,
-Theresa V.

May, 2005

"My ad in Living Nutrition has produced the best responses I’ve ever had. The customers are great!”
- Ed Lieb
Plant Health Rebounders

May, 2005

I'm getting your magazine — thanks. The latest issue was amazing! 
- Frederic Patenaude
author of Raw Secrets
Quebec, Canada

Dear Dave!

I love Living Nutrition Magazine! And I am very much aware about your own contribution to the raw food movement! When I discovered this wonderful publication I bought about 7 back issues.
Best wishes for your success!
-Tonya Zavasta

March, 2005

Hello Dave,

I really appreciate your magazine! I have good support on my way to splendid health. Right food combining is so important. I was happy when I read that fruit is not the cause of diabetes.
Thank you and good luck in future
- Anders Lindman

February, 2005

I am following the diet 100%, I’m healthy, my life is great and it just keeps getting better!. It’s awesome news about your new book and I look forward to reading it. Take care!
- Jaque H.
Hugoton, Kansas

February, 2005

Loved the new issue no. 16. You've done such a wonderful job with the magazine. Excellent articles and very helpful advertising - advertising that truly lives up to its promises and enriches ones life. Well done.
- Robert Lally, MD, Friday Harbor, WA

June, 2004

Living Nutrition is the best publication I've ever advertised in. The quality of the customers that come from LN is the best.”
- Ed Lieb
Planet Health, Florida

May, 2003

Hi Dave,
Thanks so much for the back issues of Living Nutrition! I can't stop
reading them. They contain multitudes. I'm inspired to exemplify and
educate to the best of my ability the precepts of healthful living. I'm
looking forward to Rawstock.
-Bradley Saul
Santa Rosa, CA

May, 2003

I was diagnosed in June of 2002 with UC after 2-3 years of increasing bms and cramping as well as overall lack of energy. After being put on drug therapy my condition improved and I started gaining weight back. However the doctor said there was no known cause or cure and that I would have to " manage" my condition with drugs and continue to eat what ever I wanted. Well, after finding David Klein online and ordering his book I immediately stopped taking the drugs. Not only did I continue to feel better without the drugs but my bms became more normal and the urge to go has almost dissappeared. I occasionally do slip, but I now have the tools to get right back on track. I have not discussed this with my doctor as I'm sure of his reaction. David's program not only works for healing but, for me, is a much better way of living. I cant thank him enough for the inspiration and message for others who may be fighting this dibilitating illness.
- Dan H.
Newton, Massachusetts

March, 2003

 "Living Nutrition is the BEST Health magazine I have ever read!"
- Cynthia Beavers
Dallas, Texas

February, 2003

"Thanks for creating such an important magazine on nutrition."
- Susanna Ehdin, Ph.D., author
Swedish bestseller "The Self-Healing Human"

14 August, 1996
The Wellness Network

Dear Dave,
I'm very pleased to see your Living Nutrition newsletter! Both you and Roe write like accomplished hygienists! Both you and Roe are a credit to the cause of health in America! If I can do anything for you, you have but to ask. I wish you the best.
Yours for a compassionate, caring and healthy world,
-Dr. T. C. Fry

May, 2002

I received my current edition #12 of Living Nutrition today in the mail. What a great magazine. It's always been a great magazine, but what a fantastic job you all have done. I just want to thank you for a great job, and a great magazine, and hope you will keep it up and continue to spread the message. I have every issue you have published, and always look forward to the next one. What a professional job! Thanks!
- Jim Todd
Grapevine, Texas

January, 2001

Dear Dave,
I want to thank you for your very stimulating magazine! I received Living Nutrition vols. 3 to 9 a few days ago and I really enjoyed reading them! Because I'm a newcomer on rawfood and days are short and dark right now here in the Netherlands, it's nice to have some written support. I have gone raw 100% for over a week now and i feel excellent, such a difference with how I felt before! Hooked for life!
- Peter van Ravensteijn
The Netherlands

October, 2000

Dear Dave:
Thank you so much for your magnificient work.There are no words that can describe how impressed I am with the Living Nutrition Magazine, I love it very much. (If convert to Malaysian Ringgit, it is rather expensive to spend on it, BUT I know it is WORTH to have it). I would like to thank my friend Paul Nison for introducing me this excellent magazine.
Thank you Paul, thank you Dave .
- April Tan Cheng Im

Sept., 2000

Hi Dave,
I just want to tell you that I am so impressed with Living Nutrition vol. 9. I have read it from front to back and some things twice. The articles were all so informative and I enjoy the "For Fun" also. It helps to have a little humor in life. The testimonial, Hearing Restored Without Surgery, is so encouraging. Well done!
- Jean Sumrall
San Luis Obispo, California

August, 2000

Dear Dave,
Having recently subscribed to your magazine "Living Nutrition" I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. I have found all of the articles to be totally uplifting and of immense interest. It has given me a sense of connectedness that I hadn't felt before in the raw food lifestyle. It is a privilege to have access through your magazine to the minds and thoughts of all of the people writing in it. As a raw food beginner, six months so far on predominantly a fruitarian diet, I feel that I have come upon a very precious and valuable jewel in the form of your magazine. So I wanted to write to you to thank you and all of your colleagues for getting it together.
Anyhow once again thank you for your wonderful magazine and I hope to hear from you soon.
- Kind regards,
Yvonne Banks-Martin
your new subscriber from Adelaide, Australia.

Just wanted to let you know that "Living Nutrition" is a superb publication! I have read vol. 9 cover to cover several times, and it's awesome to have such supportive articles.
-Carolyn Lee
Tobin, Massachusetts

August, 2000

I am excited about Living Nutrition. It contains the highest quality content and writing of any health magazine available. The emphasis on interesting, informative and entertaining features, along with highly respectful columnists, provides practitioners and educators of Living Foods a fantastic resource and source of inspiration.
- Erika Wolff,
Certified Hippocrates Health Educator and Living Foods Lifestyle Coach
Toronto, Ontario

May, 2000

Living Nutrition is amazing! Very inspiring writing! Thanks for the tremendous impact you are creating sending this message.
- Shawn Taylor
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

May, 2000

The magazine is pure light magic!
- Saskia Friedrich
Amagansett, New York

July, 2000

I love what you are doing! Great magazine, great articles! I'd like to expose my customers to Living Nutrition and will help you get subscriptions.
-Rich Bowdich, Owner
Healthy Living living foods stand and wheatgrass delivery
Albuquerque, New Mexico

June, 2000

Hi Dave,
Love your magazine! You've done a wonderful job. I'll be subscribing.
-Lee Glickstein
President of Speaking Circles International
MIll Valley, California

June, 2000

Dear David,
I know it's not your birthday. So, I'm sending this card as a celebration for a Great Magazine, "Living Nutrition." I think you did a superlative job (with LN #8). All the articles are interesting and varied. I loved the humour as well as the love that emanated from your writers. You deserve many accolades for putting together and keeping Living Nutrition going.
-Dr. Vetrano

June, 2000

I've been reading your magazine and I just can't tell you how great it is! Well, wish me luck in trying to get my ailing parents to understand.
- John Mancuso
Tokyo, Japan

May, 2000

Dear Dave,
A great big thank you for the magazines (vol. 8), they are brilliant! Really, really well produced and full of raw life. You have brought about a great thing. Take care, keep smelling those flowers!
-Anne Osborn
Clarendon Park, England

May, 2000

I received issue #8 last week in the mail. I never put it down until I read all of it. Your magazine just keeps getting better! I think it is such an excellent magazine and just want to let you know I sure appreciate all your hard work that youv'e put in it and it sure shows by this last issue. I want to make sure I help to support your magazine so it will always be around forever. I sure think its wonderful that you have devoted so much of your life to spreading this health imformation in order to help other people. So thank - you so much for producing this great magazine and I wish you all the success in the world with it. It deserves to be known as the best magazine there is on raw foods!
- Darlene Shule
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

May, 2000

Thanks for the tremendous impact you are creating sending this message.
-Shawn Taylor
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

May, 2000

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know that I really enjoyed reading vol. 8!! Great stuff!!! Very inspiring, useful & transformational information! It makes me happy to know that you are helping this community grow and spread the important message of the most healthy, loving, compassionate & joyful way of living!!
- Love and peace,
Veronica Munoz, Artistic Living
Toronto, Canada

April, 2000

Dear Dave,
I can quite frankly say that I believe Living Nutrition is now the No. 1 magazine on raw food eating and lifestyle. It is so imaginative and packed that others no longer match. Congratulations and thanks for the great job you and your team does at Living Nutrition!
- Kay Cruse

April, 2000

Dear Dave,
Thanks for sending Living Nutrition and for publishing news about my work. A.N.H.S. and Health Science do not publish my articles because I write on spiritual awakening and spiritual matters. They did not like when I said in my talk last year that Natural Hygiene is more an art than a science. One day I hope you and Living Nutrition will surpass Health Science.
Best wishes,
-Dr. Keki Sidhwa
Frinton-on-Sea, England
Founder of the British Natural Hygiene Society
Publisher of The Hygienist

May, 2000

Dear Dave,
Thank you for the copy Living Nutrition. You have excellent contributors with a holistic spread that is based in truth.
Yes, please use my chlorophyll article in Living Nutrition vol. 10.
Thank you.
-Viktoras Kulvinskas
Hot Springs, Arkansas

May 2, 2000

Dear Dave,
Living Nutrition vol. 8 is better than ever...congratulations! Thanks for the surprises within especially the article and the t-shirt design. Hope it sells well!! Can you send me a few more copies asap as I know I can drum up more subscriptions? The color cover is a shining improvement and I commend you on your diligent, heart-centered efforts!
Light & Love,
-Karen Fierro, Co-creator of the New Haven and Miami Vegetarian Societies, and Living Nutrition Illustrator
Miami, Florida

April, 2000

Hi Dave,
I just received Living Nutrition vol. 8. I'm very impressed with how it has evolved since I saw it last! Congratulations, it's fabulous! I am glad to join your team of celebrity raw food chefs.
Blessings of Radiant Health!
-Cherie Soria
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, author of "Angel Foods"
Fort Bragg, California

Thank you for the supply of the latest LN vol. 8 Magazine. It looks FABULOUS!! I am going to talk with the folks at Wild Oats here in St. Louis and hopefully they will carry it.
- Chris Mcdiarmid, Raw Foods Foundation
St. Louis, MO

April, 2000

Many thanks to you and everyone involved for creating such a great natural health magazine. Each issue I have received has motivated me to continue to work towards better health. I've looked forward to each new issue and enjoy reading every article. Thanks again.
- Debbie Nelson
Magnolia, Kentucky

March, 2000

I've been rereading the back issues of Living Nutrition and deriving new insights and great information from them. What a gift! You really have started an amazing magazine, Dave.
- Matthew Sutherland, actor
Los Angeles, California

March, 2000

I like that you say "Follow your senses, tune into your body's signals and its needs will be revealed and you will create an increasingly healthful lifestyle", and the fact that you have nothing to sell. I believe the body only can heal itself and the best thing you can do to support that is stop introducing external toxics and inducing internal ones, and get plenty of rest.
- Tim McHyde
Tibas, Costa Rica

February, 2000

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Living Nutrition Magazine. I have enjoyed reading the two editions cover to cover that you sent me. So much information, so many great articles. A few months down the road, I will send you a short story of my experience in getting involved with Natural Hygiene. I've only been following the guidelines for about 7 weeks but my health has inproved immensely. I can't say enough about eating living foods, they make me feel alive again!
I can't wait to get the next edition.
-Jean Sumrall
San Luis Obispo, California

Dear Dave,

There are no words that can describe how I feel about your magnificent work. Living Nutrition is the First periodical that I feel privileged to be able to advertise in for my Annapurna Retreat and Spa. I hold the vision that not only all health food stores carry this periodical,Safeway carries it next to the Enquirer! This is the real tellavision. Prepare for Peas...please,
- Robin Sharan, Annapurna Retreat and Spa
Pt. Townsend, Washington

Hi Dave!
It's cold and snowy in Trumbull, CT today. A perfect day to start reading Living Nutrition. I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying them (volumes 6 and 7). Thank you for all the inspiration and information! I am grateful for the support and I'm going to do what I can to interest some of my classmates in subscribing (I'm in school for naturopathic medicine).-Thanks again!
-Lorraine Faehndrich

Your publication is wonderful, you and your staff is brilliant. The words are so inspiring and like a breath of fresh air.
Prepare for Peace,
- Madeline D'Anthony
Peace, Love and Harmony Company
New York City

“I read your magazine from cover to cover and thought it was superior!”
- Susan Konig
reporter for the New York Times, Great Neck, New York

“In my mind issue #4 is a winner. You outdid yourself. I wish you all the best.”
- Harold Green
San Jose, California

“Thanks for your great work and inspiration!”
- Terri Su, M.D.
Santa Rosa, California

“I absolutely love Living Nutrition #5! What a wonderful job and message!”
- Cheryl Stoycoff, medical intuitive
Stockton, California

“Thank you for your inspirational work in the ‘raw food movement. Specifically, I commend you on your progress with Living Nutrition. My progress from whole food vegan to raw food fruitarian is fueled by every issue, each more than the last. Many thanks!”
- Paul Johnson
Forest Knolls, California

“Wow! The magazine is fabulous! Excellent articles, snazzy layout. You did real good!”
- Anjou & Jaime Jones - The Date People
Niland, California

“Your new format is beautiful -- we are enjoying issue #5 immensely. Can you send us a few more issues to spread around?”
- Charly Lally
Friday Harbor, Washington

“Congratulations on a stupendous improvement in your magazine, beautiful layout, excellent variety, lots of personal appeal in your articles, and some great ads. I hope subscriptions take off. Well done!”
- Robert Lally, M.D.
Friday Harbor, Washington

"Living Nutrition is nothing short of phenomenal. As a regular source of nutritional information, insight, and ongoing personal inspiration, I've found no equal. Thank you, David Klein!"
- Terry Weetling, high school teacher
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Every time I open my mailbox to find Living Nutrition, it's a celebration. It's also an affirmation - I am on a good, solid path; a validation - I am NOT wrong . . . and a confirmation - I am NOT alone!
Thanks, David, for the good vibrations!”
- Susan Jacobs
Sarasota, Florida

Living Nutrition is great and very inspiring! It is surprisingly wonderful because the articles are written by people whose aim is not to exploit people for money, but to share their special knowledge with the world. I have been learning a lot from the magazine and from David, my nutrition and health consultant and friend. I am going to publish Living Nutrition in Portuguese with David. Much success David!”
- Kristie Wagnes Stofler, triathlete and law student
Florianopolis, Brazil

“Your magazine is excellent!! Thanks for pouring your heart’s enthusiasm into it!”
- Jean Mayes
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Thanks for sending me a copy of Living Nutrition. It is quite amazing how the new day is bursting forth towards the end of this century like a flower in full bloom. For those of us who have been struggling with the birth of this new day, new man, new civilization, and new earth, this is a miracle. I never could believe that I would live to see what is happening now!! This calls for celebration!
- Essie Honiball
author of “I Live On Fruit”
Montagu, South Africa

This awakening process for me is like when they thought that the "World was Flat", now beginning to see that the "World is indeed Round".
A new dimension, yet so SIMPLE. I imagine that if I feed and take care of my body correctly, it will heal itself from the inside out and there will be no ill-ness. Just imagine that something like that can be! So, I'll take it easy this week; I'll REST, I'll listen to my body and I'll read your WONDERFUL magazine for its wisdom and "simple" profoundness. Incidentally, your magazine is so wonderful that I can't even express it in words. Boy, am I lucky to be in the presence of such an incredible healing instrument. Love to you too....
- Steph Sunlight
Denver Colorado

"Please enter a subscription for me. Great vital publication!"
- Kai Yamaguchi
San Mateo, California

"Wow! The premier issue was great! I really like the encouraging, non-judgemental tone and great information." "The second issue arrived today and I've already finished reading it!
I have read many tributes to Dr. T. C. Fry but yours was by far the most touching and best captured the spirit of the man. Overall, I found it varied, educational and entertaining. The newsletter is really super! You and Roe did a great job, and I hope it reaches many hands and minds. This kind of info changes the world, inside and out."
- Sandy LaBedz, Elementary school teacher
Seal Beach, California

"Thank you for the second issue of Living Nutrition, a refined taste of fruitarian good sense. Its blend of inspiration and information, laced always with an impressively eloquent authority, is the perfect food for open-minded thought."
- John Machin, Press and screen writer
Congleton, England

"I was very happy to see someone pick up after Dr. T. C. Fry. Please sign me up for Living Nutrition and I feel "home" again. If I can assist with the spreading of Natural Hygiene, I am happy to help you. I'm looking forward to the next issue of Living Nutrition."
- Edward Smith, Health Educator
Ware, Massachusetts

"Hi Dave, Received your Living Nutrition issue no. 3 and it is incredible. I read it cover to cover the day I received it. I usually don't do that. But it was interesting, informative, enjoyable to read, and a great source of information. Thanks for your great effort and work. My subscription is in the mail."
Keep up the best newsletter ever!
Love, Peace and Joy
Rose Lee Calabro
Santa Cruz, California

"Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with the world! Your article "Fruitarian Eating Dangerous or the Optimum Diet?" is a great support on my way to be a mostly fruit eater. I am sure your Living Nutrition Magazine will be a great support for me in the future! I am planning to send a copy to my country (Switzerland) to inspire my friends and family."
- Claudia Aebersold

"I certainly enjoyed talking to you on the phone yesterday about natural hygiene, and especially about Dr. T. C. Fry. And certainly good luck with your venture and whatever you are presently engaged in. You and Roe Gallo certainly have a winner in Living Nutrition."
- John Bardaro, Ph.D.
City College of San Francisco

In all honesty I had not intended to Order your magazine. After I read part of the sample back issue you kindly sent me I changed my mind, primarily because of the encouragement I felt I received from the the information within. My mom and I changed our diet the day after purchasing Perfect Body. I feel no desire or cravings for cooked foods unless I allow myself to go too long between meals; my mom, on the other hand, never feels any inclination toward out former way of eating ourselves to death. ) We are already seeing improvements in our health, although I believe my conditions will take longer to reverse. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I feel I've taken a pretty big one. Onward and upard.
I'm buying the subscription for my mom as an anniversary present. I feel this will help us to keep our resolve high in our quest for better health and life. Thank you.
- Cynthia Gilbert
Cupertino, California

I just received your Living Nutrition Magazine. It is the most amazing read. It is written in such a straightforward and easy to understand fashion that I am really, really interested in the whole lifestyle of raw eating. My heartfelt thanks to you for sending me the info - I am eating it up (so to speak!)
- Marilyn McIntosh
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Dear Dave,
I would like to arrange to buy some issues to sell at potlucks, gatherings, talks, and put in a rack at a couple stores and my healing center for people to buy.
I am so very glad I subscribed and am enjoying my issues, and sharing them with friends. It is a wonderful, uplifting, good vibration magazine. I live in a part of the country deeply in need of such support and understanding of this whole topic and the realities of true health. I look forward to becoming involved with the Healthful Living International effort and more contact.
Many thanks!
- Mary Finnnell
Morgantown, WV

April, 2001

When I get Living Nutrition I'm in heaven for days, reading it from cover to cover. It's the only thing I read from cover to cover. It's such a great magazine and I'm thrilled that you created it. I'm also thrilled that you started Raw Passion events.
- Sarah Macy
Menlo Park, California

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