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In Memoriam
T. C. Fry
1926 -1996

T. C. Fry, Champion of Natural Hygiene, Passes On
by David Klein
©1998 by Living Nutrition Health Education Center. World rights reserved.

The Natural Hygiene movement lost its clearest voice, most brilliant writer and most prolific health counselor with the passing of T. C. Fry on September 9. And many people, including Roe and I, lost a dear friend. T. C. Fry was 70. He left far too early, and his death was a shock to many whose lives he touched with his compassionate high-spirited ways.

There were many details regarding T. C. Fry’s death, but in perspective the cause was overwork. T. C. Fry was probably more passionate than anyone on the health scene in getting the message out to health seekers about how to eat their natural diet and live healthfully. Even in his difficult final days, T. C. Fry was most concerned with counseling and corresponding with others, writing his newsletter and preparing to fulfill his dream of creating the Shelton College of Health Sciences in Honduras.

The lesson to be learned from the manner of T. C. Fry’s death is obvious. Rather than search for an answer to why he did not completely adhere to his teachings, let us reflect on his life and enormous accomplishments, and move forward with renewed conviction to live the healthful lifestyle T. C. Fry espoused.

It was in 1970 when T. C. Fry made his “great health discovery” in his reading Naturopathic Doctor Herbert Shelton’s Superior Nutrition, wherein the principles of Natural Hygiene are revealed. He instantly adopted a hygienic lifestyle, overcame many long standing health problems and embarked on a path which lead him to acquire perhaps more factual information about health and nutrition than anyone in history, and to become a giant on the health scene, teaching Natural Hygiene with devoted fervor.

T. C. Fry was a voracious researcher and scholar of the sciences of nutrition, physiology and healing. He put all his wealth of information into guiding thousands from illness to health, and his work saved many lives, including this writer’s. He usually did it for little or no compensation, and what profits he did earn he usually put back into the printing and mailing out of more of his literature to health seekers.

An eighth grade dropout, T. C. Fry was entirely self-taught, with Dr. Shelton’s works as his foundation. “It’s better to be ignorant than to have learned so much that isn’t so,” was his favorite retort to those conven-tionally miseducated nutritionists and med-ical doctors whose criticisms and challenges he loved to face head on. By way of his keen intellect and eloquent speaking and writing skills, he made many people see things in a different light, a more truthful light.

Many people were introduced to T. C. Fry via his Healthful Living magazine which flourished in the 1980's to the tune of 30,000 subscribers at its peak. Many folks agree that Healthful Living was the most inspirational health periodical we've ever seen. T. C. Fry's articles were full of life, explained health remarkably clearly, and literally taught us how to think for ourselves, inspiring us to take the initiative we needed to live healthfully. Healthful Living was the forerunner of T. C. Fry's most recent magazine, The Wellness Messenger, both of which watered the seeds of inspiration for my health writing career, and set the standard to which I shall always hold myself.

Also among T. C. Fry's enterprises were a hygienic fasting center in Texas, and his 1988 book, The Great Aids Hoax. He believed that Aids is "the most fiendish and murderous scheme in history." Indeed, T. C. Fry lived by Dr. Shelton's bromide, "Let the truth be told even if the heavens fall." T. C. Fry also wrote several dozen health booklets which he compiled in his "Basic Health Library", and he produced videos.

T. C. Fry's greatest contribution was the 108-lesson Life Science / Natural Hygiene course he masterminded in 1982 and offered through the Life Science Institute in Texas, for which he originally served as President. Many believe that the course stands as the most factual/informative/ readily understandable/practical/beneficial course in the life sciences the modern world has ever seen, encompassing nutrition, health and healing. The course originally offered a Ph. D. which required a 9-month internship and a 15-day water fast (the greatest lessons in physiology/healing and the best preparation for fasting others are gained by fasting oneself). The Life Science Institute, now in the hands of a group of the school's graduates, has to date graduated 4000 students, including Fit for Life authors Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, and the world-renowned motivational teacher author, Anthony Robbins. The course is reportedly also being taught today at a medical school in France.

In 1983 when I was very ill with colitis and didn't think would live much longer, it was my greatest fortune to have discovered a Doctor of Natural Hygiene, Laurence Galant, trained by T. C. Fry. Laurence introduced me to Natural Hygiene and T. C. Fry's course. One glorious night after studying the course I beheld a healing vision and the picture of my new health was revealed via T. C. Fry's teachings of the fruitarian pathway to self-mastery. The next day, in one fell swoop changed my diet and lifestyle, and within 6 weeks I was symptom free! And free of medicines and doctors for good! During the next few years I worked diligently at rebuilding my depleted body, and when the times got tough I would call either Laurence or T. C. and find comfort in their affirming guidance.

Over the years I have given silent thanks each day to this lion-hearted man for my new life, and we have stayed in touch. will dearly miss our phone conversations, especially his big Texas-style "Well hello David!" greeting which always bowled me over with happiness. It was an honor to have shared his joy.

I think of T. C. Fry as the greatest health writer of all time, who gave so that we could feel the joy of living - and many others have echoed these sentiments. In Roe's words:

"I never met T. C. in person, but we had many wonderful conversations. He was always kind to me and very supportive of my work. His knowledge of physiology made me think and his sense of humor made me laugh."

Many people will miss T. C. Fry's joyous amiable ways, his highspirited joke telling, his indomitable courage, and his unfaltering service when we needed health guidance. A while back, he gave me permission to reprint his writings. And so I will help keep alive his brilliant teachings to help many more people who are searching for the clear truth about how to heal and become healthy.

It was T. C. Fry's life work to reach all who were in need of his help, assisting them in healing and living a healthful lifestyle. He saw suffering and passionately worked to help people heal. He saw medical atrocities and boldly worked to right the wrong. The ultimate measure of his accomplishments are the living testimonials of those who, like myself, believe they owe their lives to him. In T. C. Fry's own words, he did it all "for a compassionate, caring, happy and healthy world.

My Perspective on Dr. T. C. Fry’s Death
by David Klein, Ph.D.

T.C. Fry

You might have read more than one article or post online, or a book, each with differing pieces of information and conclusions about how and why Dr. T. C. Fry died. I don’t claim to know all of the exact details or have the perfect explanation as to how and why he died, but I will offer what I know, and say that because I had hours of phone conversations with the three closest people in his life right before and after its end, you can draw your own conclusions after reading my thoughts below, and see if you agree that it was OVERWORK and OZONE INJECTIONS that led to T. C.’s demise.

• In last two years in his late 60s, T. C. was working away with zealous (probably over-zealous) passion to bring Natural Hygiene the world, and I am certain that he was working too much, sleeping too little and not resting enough. He was working on his newsletters, booklets, Shelton College of Health Science plans in either the Caribbean or Central America, traveling and giving lectures and making videos. This is too much for a man his age who was not healthy for the first two thirds of his life.

• From what I have heard, T. C. was not eating a diet of 100% fruit, as some have criticized him for. As far as I know, he always ate big salads and nuts and seeds. The one time I met him in person, in 1986 at an American Natural Hygiene Society convention near Niagara Falls in Canada, T. C. was eating a huge veggie salad and was robust and, in his own words, “as strong as a gorilla.” His handshake certainly confirmed this.

• T. C. died at the end of August, 1996. A year earlier, in one of his magazines (perhaps The Wellness Messenger), he wrote an article about the foolishness of taking the newly-popular ozone therapies, saying that anyone who does that is an “idiot.”

• The last time we spoke on the phone was May or June, 1996. I asked T. C. why he was late in delivering The Wellness Messenger magazines to the subscribers I had signed up for him, and he said that he had to put the magazine on hold for a while because he had a huge project in the works. That was probably the Shelton College.

• Sometime within a year or two of his death, the IRS raided his office and confiscated his computer and files, decimating his business because, I assume, he was not paying taxes and was belligerent.

• After that, T. C. apparently moved north (I think to Illinois or a nearby state) to work with a man on a magazine titled Freedom Fighter. I got that magazine which some would characterize as conspiracist nuttery. There was probably some or a lot truth to the heinous behind-the-scenes machinations of the U.S. government it was supposedly exposing and warning us of, but the energy of that magazine was dark.

• Some time in mid-1996, T. C. moved to Pennsylvania to live in a trailer and continue his work with an environmental engineer named John May.

• In early-August, 1996 I sent T. C. the very first copy of my Living Nutrition magazine. Two weeks later, I received the following letter from T. C.:

Letter from T.C. Fry

• In late-August of 1996 I heard from John May that T. C. was in a hospital in critical condition with difficulty breathing, swollen legs and possibly blood clots in his lungs. Two or three days later I was informed that T. C. had died.

• After T. C.’s death, I had long conversations with these people who were close to him: Dr. Laurence Galant, Bernarr Zovluck, Anna Inez Matus, John May and Dr. Andy Savage. I will summarize my conversations with them below.

• Dr. Laurence Galant is the Doctor of Natural Hygiene who T. C. trained and who introduced me to Natural Hygiene and helped me save my life in 1984. Laurence told me the he had done a few seminars with T. C. over the last two years before T. C. died, and T. C. was looking rundown and his energy was dragging.

• Bernarr Zovluck was a Natural Hygiene teacher in Los Angeles. He told me that around January, 1996 T. C. was talking to him for weeks about a swollen leg condition. Instead of taking Bernarr’s advice to rest, T. C. continued his heavy workload and was even going to travel to southern California to put on a seminar and make a video on Natural Hygiene. Bernarr said that T. C.’s symptoms became so bad that he told T. C. he had congestive heart failure and might die if he does not stop and rest.

• Apparently, things came to a critical head in July of 1996 when T. C. went to fast at Anna Inez Matus’s fasting retreat in Pennsylvania. She told me that T. C. did about a two-week fast in July and he totally recovered and began gaining weight and was well and happy. She also said that she once caught T. C. working on his typewriter late at night when he was fasting and should have been sleeping, and she ordered him to go to bed and he did. I guess that T. C. worked a lot on his typewriter before he left the retreat and moved in with John May, where I am sure he went right back to working long hours, exhausting his reserves and not heeding his body’s warning signals as the swelling came back, and worse.

• John May seemed to be in an unemotional daze when we talked soon after T. C. died. John told me all about how he became involved with T. C. and what happened during his last few days.

John discovered Natural Hygiene, became a fruitarian then got into discussions with T. C. about the grand plans to establish the Shelton College of Life Science outside of the U.S. John was living in a trailer in Pennsylvania and he invited T. C. to live with him in that temporary situation while the grand plans were in development. John said that road noise prevented T. C. from getting enough sleep. Despite the lack of sleep, T. C. probably continued working day and night. John also said that during the last week or two of T. C.’s life, T. C.’s legs swelled up, he had difficulty breathing and he was frightened. A decision was made to take T. C. to a hospital. I am not certain, but I think that John told me that he thought that medical tests and biopsies led to blood clots in his lungs which soon thereafter apparently killed T. C.

John told me that the reason why T. C. moved into his trailer and he was so gung-ho about the Shelton College of Life Science project was because John promised that he was about to become a multimillionaire and would finance the whole thing and take Natural Hygiene to the world at a much higher level than ever before. The money was supposed to come from the world’s first high-speed modem which would work with the existing copper phone lines of the day. At that time, there were only the slow, low-capacity 14.4k modems for e-mail and internet use. John’s Russian engineer business partner had invented a much much faster one, and John said it was auditioned to a big telecom investor, where data was successfully transmitted at high speed from a city in Connect to a city in Ohio. But, the investment in and production of the modem never happened. My guess is that either the technology was stolen or many other engineers were working on inventing much faster high-speed modems. Super high-speed modems soon did hit the market, and then a few years later fiber-optics made the first modems obsolete.

The next time I talked to John, he said that there was no one to take over T. C.’s magazine, so I should do that. I was rattled and humbled by this idea for months, but with the launch Living Nutrition I eventually became somewhat comfortable taking on that role. Every issue of Living Nutrition and Vibrance I put out was a humbling experience, and I did my best to honor T. C. with my efforts to bring Natural Hygiene to more health seekers.

The last times I talked to John were in November and December of 1996. He told me that with all of the new money he was going to get from the modem (which never happened) he was planning to fly me and all of the other leading Natural Hygiene teachers into Las Vegas, put us up in a hotel and have a big meeting about how to bring Natural Hygiene to the world on a grand scale. In a later conversation he told me that he found a new investor for the modem, a man in the Middle East. In our last conversation, John told me that the investor committed suicide on Christmas and all was kaput.

• Soon after T. C. died, I got a call from his girlfriend, a retired dentist in Texas named Andy Savage. We spoke for about three hours and she was very personable. Andy said that T. C. was a lot of fun to be with, he loved going to movies with her, and he did not talk about Hygiene or business with her. He simply enjoyed life and laughing. I am not sure about the timeline of these events, but here is my best recollection of what she told me that had happened in 1995.

A man in the Dominican Republic’s (or another Caribbean country’s) health ministry was a Natural Hygienist. The man had a large building which he said could be used for the Shelton College of Life Science. T. C. and Andy flew to the island nation to scope out the building and have meetings. It apparently was a good situation, but, later on, for some reason it did not work out, and T. C. and John May later focused on a site in Honduras.

One of the people who T. C. and Andy met with on that trip was into health therapies and somehow convinced them to try ozone therapy. T. C. was apparently rundown, and Andy told me that “on a lark” T. C. had 16 injections and Andy had 64 injections. Andy suffered no ill effects from the injections of ozone. From what I can deduce from Andy’s description of what happened, T. C.’s health was destroyed, possibly with massive damage to his red blood cells, and back in the U.S. this led to the swollen legs and apparent congestive heart failure.

• You may have read autopsy reports, books, articles and posts with conclusions by a few doctors who think that lack of protein, or vitamin B12 and/or protein deficiencies, or blood clots killed T. C. Those may or may not have been factors, but I think that they were EFFECTS of the real CAUSES: OVERWORK and OZONE INJECTIONS. T. C. tried to get away with breaking the Laws of Life, but his good intentions were not enough to protect him from his transgressions. Let’s learn these lessons.



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