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Natural Health Higher Education:
The Ticket to a Successful Career in the Field of Health

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
Admissions Director for the University of Natural Health


From Vibrance Magazine no. 4

Would you like to create a superior and truly fulfilling career as a holistic natural health professional, helping people to become truly healthy? Can you imagine yourself helping thousands of people while living your true purpose in life? Can you picture the joy and satisfaction this would bring to you and those you care about? My Ph.D. / Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health has made all of that a reality in my life. Please read on!

The greatest preparation for becoming a highly effective health educator, counselor and/or doctor is the personal experience gained in overcoming illness and building new health via the tenets of Natural Hygiene. I was provided with this experience.  Desperately searching for a solution to a long, devastating illness, in 1983 I discovered a Doctor of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Laurence Galant. He eventually helped me resurrect and reclaim my life.  With his assistance, and my studies of several Natural Hygiene books written by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton and T. C. Fry, I learned what I consider my primary life lessons.

Upon healing and creating a new healthful lifestyle, Dr. Galant urged me to take the Life Science Institute's "Natural Hygiene Course." I ordered all 108 lessons and studied them diligently, with no other purpose than health maintenance. The foundation for my knowledge of health science was laid by my study of that course, a few books by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and magazines by Dr. T. C. Fry. I resumed my career in environmental engineering and didn't envision ever becoming a natural health counselor or doctor.

When I expressed to Dr. Galant my belief that there was no future for me in holistic natural health education, he said: "David, with your rare information and wisdom, some day people will be flocking to you for help—you'll be magnetic!" Still, I could not see it. But, from the moment I began my natural healing, I had a burning passion to shout out the healing wonders of Natural Hygiene to the entire world; I wanted everyone to overcome their suffering via natural living.

That passion simmered for years and, eventually, could not be contained. After I was laid off my last engineering job in 1992, health education became my new pursuit, and in 2006 my career was capped with a Ph.D. in Natural Healing and Health and a Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health. My health counseling career exploded forth via those prestigious credentials, and I have made a good living as a self-employed natural health counselor and entrepreneur, even in these tough economic times. Dr. Galant was right!

What is Natural Hygiene and what is so special about it? "Hygiene" is literally "health." "Natural Hygiene" is the science and fine art of holistic, natural, healthful living. There are many approaches and "schools" of health, but the true nature of holistic natural health is presented in only one system or curriculum of study: Natural Hygiene. Based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence, Natural Hygiene teaches us the Natural Laws of Life—i.e., the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health and how to live in optimum wellness. Natural Hygiene counselors have the greatest success in helping people recover from illness and create truly vibrant health.

You can create a truly rewarding career as a health professional, whether in the healing arts, as an educator, counselor, doctor or a combination of these. You can help those challenged with illness to become truly healthy and free of medical and other therapeutic misadventures by understanding and exploiting their own self-healing powers. You can build up your practice to a level where people are flocking to you, even in lean economic times, because you've earned a reputation for helping a multitude of people effectively overcome disease without shortcuts, gimmicks, products or other delusional and expensive practices. You can help them resurrect their lives and feel new joie de vivre. You can feel great about a career wherein you truly help people, serving as a model for the best that a doctor can be. (Remember: the true definition of "doctor" is "teacher".) 

If you are truly passionate about a career in the field of natural health, a degree in Natural Health from the world's only college and university offering a complete post-secondary, distance learning, degree curriculum in Natural Hygiene will be the best move you could possibly make. For a most successful health education or counseling career, learn the absolute truth about health from a Hygienic institution such as the College of Natural Health or the University of Natural Health. Empowered with a proper education in health science, you'll be immeasurably more effective in helping people become and stay well in comparison to those who follow any other "school of health," no matter how time-honored and popular it may be. 

Natural Hygiene is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of holistic natural health. It stands alone as the proven way to help people, because it is the study and application of the biological laws of Nature. This course of study is the most empowering and yields the best results. Our clients love us because we teach the truth, they get results beyond their expectations, they save bundles of money, overcome suffering and sing new songs of joy.When our clients learn Nature's laws and provide the true requisites of health, they unerringly meet with healing success and create happy outcomes. Now, that's the hallmark of a truly excellent and fulfilling career!

If you'd like to learn more, I and my colleague, University of Natural Health President Dr. Paul Fanny, will be happy to speak with you about your career goals and higher education interests. Please visit the University of Natural Health introductory page here and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

* * *

A few University of Natural Health Graduates have to say . . .

Dr. Joy Ohayia, Ph.D.
Hillsborough, New Jersey
drjoy AT •

In 2005 I was given the opportunity to pursue my passion of motivating people towards achieving total wellness. I purchased a women’s health club in New Jersey. My goal was to “walk the talk,” not just as a health club owner but as an advocate of physical fitness and proper nutrition. Since 2005, I have acquired several wellness certifications which enabled me to build a reputable client base. However, this still was not enough.

My purpose in life is to educate the masses in various areas of wellness. My challenge: how could I attain street credibility? I concluded that I needed an advanced degree in health science.  

After searching and interviewing many institutions, I settled upon the University of Natural Health. I enrolled and graduated with a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Healing. The information obtained through the research degree program complemented my previous experience in fitness, nutrition and weight management.  In addition, the information I gained provided me with the qualifications of a health "expert." 

Since completing my Ph.D. in February 2009, opportunities presented for my business have grown exponentially, as various media sources seek me out to provide valuable information to the public on holistic wellness.

* * *

Sheryl Haupt, M.A., c.Ph.D.
Murrieta, California
sherylhaupt AT

I have worked as a facilitator at a health institute for many years, teaching a holistic approach to wellness. I wanted to expand my knowledge of health so I could be a better teacher, but didn't want  to attend a mainstream university that taught traditional nutrition programs.

When I began studying for a Masters Degree with the University of Natural Health, I gained a wealth of knowledge that enhanced my abilities as a teacher. Subsequently, many of the students in my classes at the health institute commented on the new depth and scope of the information I was presenting.

I am now continuing my education in the UNH's Doctorate Program. This, too, has had a profound effect on not only my teaching but on my personal lifestyle, as well. I have received so much more than I expected from my education through UNH.  It has empowered me to take new steps to personally achieve a better state of health, and the education has given me a renewed excitement about teaching and sharing health and wellness with others.

* * *

Johanna Zee, R.N., Ph.D., H.D.
Ojai, California
johannazee AT •

With an extensive background in human and animal medicine, my goal was to make a career in the natural healing field. I sought the best program that suited my needs and, after much investigation, I settled upon the Ph.D. program at the University of Natural Health.

In addition to receiving a solid foundation of the principles of Natural Hygiene and how to apply them with clients, the holistic approach opened me to new ways of healing mind, body and spirit. This has inspired me to continue my research to help people in even better ways.

For me the key benefit of my doctorate in the field of Natural Hygiene is empowerment. Not only do I now feel in complete control of my health, I can also confidently teach others how to allow their bodies to self heal. I am able to support them, alleviating their fears about disease, and inspiring new confidence in their health potential. The finest reward is seeing people light up as they regain trust, nature takes its course and health is restored. As a Hygienic Doctor, I feel confident in helping women, men, children and their animal companions achieve vibrant health.



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